Brief History

The Very Beginning

The Missouri Prevention Center was founded in 2007 by University of Missouri faculty members, Wendy Reinke and Keith Herman.  Wheels were put into motion by inviting interested faculty and students from across campus to a meeting in August 2007.  During the first two months, after a series of discussions with those interested party members, a vision and mission statement was developed and the MPC was born.


Dr. Wendy M. Reinke


Dr. Keith C. Herman








Logic Model

MPC logic model-page-001MPC logic model-page-002







Since funding for endeavors such as the MPC are increasingly dependent upon a clear-cut concept structure, the next step was to devise a logic model for the Center.  Discussions with the team were expanded and a broader logistical and conceptual model for the MPC was developed.  Our final logic model, which depicts the flow from our vision to our core values and assessments that underlie the core operational activities of the Center and can be seen in depth here

The Future

As a team we constantly strive to uphold the values and mission that our Center is based upon and continue to work to achieve the short- and long-term objectives defined in our logic model. We look forward to continuing our dedication to a brighter future through our research, the classes that are offered and the resources that we provide.