The Missouri Prevention Center has an interest in working with schools and teachers to provide training and consultation.

Individual teachers

The MPC can offer training or consultation for teachers in the following areas:

  • Classroom behavior management
  • Working with students who are depressed or anxious
  • Working with students exhibiting disruptive behavior problems
  • Engaging families in home-school partnerships
  • Identifying and implementing evidence-based practices and programs

Additional resources for teachers and other professionals can also be found here.

Please contact Dr. Herman ( or Dr. Reinke ( for more information and requests for training.

Resources for Teacher Stress

Researchers at the MPC have expertise in coaching teachers in how to manage their stress. We know that teachers’ ability to cope with stress effectively is strongly related to teachers’ well-being as well as student outcomes. Below are some resources for teachers looking to manage their stress:

Video series with Dr. Herman on reducing teacher stress:

Link 1:

Link 2:

Link 3:

Link 4:

Book on teacher stress

Podcast with Dr. Herman:

Teacher stress presentation, September 2016:  Stress Management for Teachers

Associated Handouts



Many of our primary service, policy, training, and research activities focus on schools serving children of all ages and backgrounds. We have partnered with districts throughout the state of Missouri and hope to continue to expand our partnerships in the future.

Possible partnership activities could include:

  • Providing parenting groups to parents of children in your school.
  • Establishing Family Centers in your school.
  • Providing referrals for children with internalizing problems.
  • Teacher consultation around effective classroom management practices.
  • Co-writing foundation or U.S. Department of Education grants to implement or evaluate effective school practices.
  • Serving as a site for the implementation of ongoing research projects.
  • Serving as a practicum site for trainees in school counseling, school psychology, or counseling psychology.

If your school would be interested in working with the Missouri Prevention Center in any capacity, please contact Dr. Herman ( or Dr. Reinke ( for more information and requests for training.