Summer of R

Please note Summer of R location change to ***Townsend 101E Reflector*** 

The Missouri Prevention Center is excited to sponsor the inaugural Summer of R training series. Be sure to enroll soon as slots are limited!


What is R and why use it?

R is an open-source platform for statistical analyses that has become increasingly popular in educational and social science research. There are many benefits to making the switch from using other statistical software programs, which can be limited in the analyses they can perform and can also be expensive. R is a great alternative because:

  • R has a wide range of capabilities for statistical analyses.
  • Both data management and analyses can be performed without having to switch between programs.
  • R code is suited for collaboration and replication of findings.
  • New capabilities are constantly being developed by an ever growing R user community!
  • Finally, R is totally FREE!


What to expect from Summer of R:

This training is designed for researchers who want to make the switch to using R. The training will provide the nuts and bolts of the program which is crucial in understanding how R functions work.

The training has two parts:

      • Course I: Data Exploration & Visualization
        • Data management
        • Descriptive statistics
        • Graphics
      • Course II: Linear Regression Modeling
        • Performing regression analyses
        • Conducting regression diagnostics
        • Visualizing results and creating publication-ready output

This is the Inaugural Summer of R training and this training series will continue annually.


Who should enroll in this training?

This training is designed to provide everything you need to get started using R and complete basic analyses. Enrollment is open to students, faculty and researchers in the social, behavioral, medical, and education sciences . Participants should have a background understanding of statistical methods. The training will not cover the background and theory of the statistical methods used in R. This not a training in statistics, but a training in using R to complete the analyses.


About the R experts providing the training:

The training will be provided by two of our excellent instructors Dr. Francis Huang and Dr. Wolfgang Wiedermann. They are both prolific methodologists, experienced educators, and faculty members in the Statistics, Measurement, and Evaluation in Education (SMEE) department at the University of Missouri, and teach a variety of graduate methods courses that solely use R.      

  Francis Huang            Wolfgang Wiedermann

Summer of R training dates and pricing

  • Dates
    • August 12-16
    • Location: Please note location change to ***Townsend 101E Reflector*** 
    • Time: 9:00AM-4:30PM
  • Pricing & Schedule
    • Early Bird: $500 – Full week /  $300- 3 Days / $200 – 2 Days until July 1st.
    • Late Registration: After July 1
      • $600 – Full week /  $350- 3 Days / $250 – 2 Days
    • MU Student/Faculty/Staff: 50% off (both Early Bird and Late rates)
    • Course I: Data Exploration & Visualization (3 days) – $300
    • Course II: Linear Regression Modeling (2 days) – $200
      • After July 1- Full week is $600 // $350 or $250.


Training Location and Travel Information

Hotel Information

Airport Information

  • Columbia Regional Airport (11 miles)
    • Airlines: American and United Airlines
  • St. Louis International Airport (107 Miles)
    • Most Major Airlines
  • Kansas City International Airport (130 Miles)
    • Most Major Airlines
  • Airport Shuttle Service from St. Louis and Kansas City Airports: MoX


Map of Townsend Hall:



If you have any questions, feel free to contact Toby Mills-Sandoval at