Current Projects

Boone County Schools Mental Health Coalition (2015-Present)

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The Boone County Schools Mental Health Coalition is a multidisciplinary collaboration among Boone County’s six independent school districts, the University of Missouri (COE), Department of Educational School and Counseling Psychology and School Counseling (ESCP), the Missouri Prevention Center (MPC) and the School of Social Work (SSW). The Coalition is implementing an innovative pilot program funded by the Children’s Services Board of Boone County to rain school-based personnel to implement programs with school-age youth proven to promote mental health and well-being.

For more information on this exciting project, please visit the BCSMHC website at:

Family Access Center for Excellence (FACE, 2016-present)

The family access center opened in August 2016. FACE was recently funded to address the problems of access to quality mental health services in Boone County and the disproportional juvenile detention experienced by youth of color in the county. FACE will serve as a point of access to services for any caregiver in the county with mental health concerns about a child aged 0-19.

Families and youth will receive an evaluation followed by detailed feedback to connect families to ongoing services. We will monitor the effects of referrals and treatments the youth receive to provide ongoing feedback about improving the quality of care in the community. We will also work with community providers to deliver ongoing training and support in delivering evidence-based interventions.

For more information, please visit the FACE website:

STARS: Tier 2 Intervention for 5th Graders (2015-Present)


STARS is a randomized trial funded by IES to evaluate the efficacy of a Tier 2 self-monitoring intervention for fifth graders showing early signs of disruptive behaviors.  About 100 youth were randomly assigned to receive STARS or another intervention this year. Students will be followed into middle school to determine the lasting benefit of the intervention. Over 300 youth will participate in the project by the end of the trial, and the project is entering its second year.

Safe and Civil School Leadership (SCSL, 2017-Present)

SCSL is an efficacy study of the Safe and Civil School Leadership program, a professional development program for school principals designed to promote positive student behavior and school safety. The MPC team aims to evaluate principal, teacher, and student outcomes in Missouri K-12 public schools after implementation of the Safe and Civil School Leadership training program. One hundred and ten School principals representing over 80,000 Missouri students are participating in this project.

START on Time (START, 2017-Present)

NIJ-START is a randomized controlled trial of Start on Time, a program designed to support school administrators in creating and implementing a unified approach to school-wide hallway management, with the goal of quickly restoring school order by increasing on-time, compliant, and respectful behaviors. This study is taking place in secondary schools across Oklahoma.

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Completed Projects

In addition to those projects currently underway, the MPC is proud to have been involved in a number of other projects, listed below, that have already concluded. More information about these exciting past undertakings can be viewed here.

CHAMPS: Middle School Classroom Management Program Evaluation
Classroom Check-Up Evaluation
LEAP to Achieve: An Evaluation of the Incredible Years Program
Head Start Service Project
Helping Schools with Best Practices
Family Resource Center
Depression Interventions
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