Completed MPC Projects

CHAMPS: Middle School Classroom Management (2013-2018)


The MPC CHAMPS project is a five-year long efficacy study of CHAMPS, a teacher training program designed to promote effective classroom management skills in middle school teachers.  Data for the first, second and third years of this project have been collected through direct classroom observations. The MPC team will be collecting data for the Year 4 cohort of teachers as well as follow-up data from the Year 3 cohort during the 2016-2017 school year.


The Classroom Check-Up (CCU) Web-Based Consultation (2013-2017)

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This project aimed to develop an online system for school-based personnel to support teachers in effective classroom management practices in elementary schools based on Dr. Reinke’s teacher consultation model, the Classroom Check-Up. An efficacy trial was implemented during the 2016-2017 school year.


LEAP to Achieve: an Evaluation of the Incredible Years (2010-2014)

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The LEAP to Achieve research team completed collecting data for this four-year long efficacy study of the Incredible Years Teacher Training program, funded by the Institute of Education Sciences (IES).  Drs. Reinke, Herman and Newcomer shared initial findings from this project a number of conferences in the past year and plan to share more as the data continues to be analyzed.

Head Start Service Project

Graduate students leading Head Start group with kidsIn the fall of 2009, the Missouri Prevention Center provided caregivers and children in Head Start with training in evidence-based parenting and child social skills programs called the Incredible Years (IY). IY is a videotaped modeling parenting program for toddlers and school-age children at risk for or exhibiting conduct problems. Graduate students from MPC participated in implementing the parent and child groups, and faculty members from MPC also co-facilitated the groups. This service project was supported by a grant from the Children’s Trust Fund.


Helping Schools with Best Practices

This project, funded by the Missouri Partnership for Educational Renewal, consisted of two phases to help school districts make informed decisions about the mental health services they provide for their students. In the first phase, we surveyed staff members in participating schools to assess their use of evidence-based practices and factors that make the use of these practices more or less likely. Then, we worked closely with district leaders to develop a web-based tool that school districts can use to improve their prevention and early intervention mental health services for children.

Family Resource Center

We implemented Family Resource Centers in local schools using funds awarded by the MU Research Council. We also conducted a feasibility study and pilot test of the effectiveness of specific components of the Centers including a tool called the Family Check-Up.

Depression Interventions

Conducted a small trial to assess the feasibility of a family-centered intervention for child depression and evaluate its effects in a multiple baseline study. The project was supported by a grant awarded by the MU Research Council.

Updated July 2017